My name is Mariëlle de Wit and I live with my husband Ramòn and my Maine Coons in The Hague, The Netherlands.


A few years ago, after our cat had died, we decided we wanted a pedigreed cat. After visiting a number of catshows and asking information from breeders, we knew we wanted a Maine Coon; a beautiful robust cat with a great temperament. We found a breeder in The Hague whom had kittens at that time.

This is how the first Maine Coon came into our home zeventien years ago and from that point on we are totally in love with this breed! During the course of a few years we had another 4 Maine Coons cats from the same breeder and got ourselves more involved with this beautiful breed. We went to cat shows which were a fun expierence. Within these years we developed a close friendschip with the breeder of our cats, Roos de Graaf.

From her we have learned a lot about the breed, breeding and about health problems in cats.Within all cat breeds deseases like for example HCM, PKD, HD and Patella Luxatie may occur. Tests have been developped to test for these deseases whereby hopefully these deseases can be reduced within the catpopulation.

Our cats have pedigrees with a decemioum long testing background and only good tested cats are set out for breeding. Unfortunately, this gives no guarantees regarding HCM. The tests give the situation of that moment and despite that a cat has been found free of HCM (via ultrasound), it is still possible for them to develop this disease later in life (for details see our links, health information, HCM). This applies to both housecats and purebred cats. It is therefore important to continue to monitor the breeding cats and our cats will be retested multiple times via ultrasound for HCM.

We are a small cattery where breeding is our hobby, the cats live in our house and are primarily our pets. For us health, combined with low inbreeding percentages and good character is important, we also strive for greater genetic diversity, and we want to especially Outcross and sometimes breeding lines Foundation. Here we do not lose the appearance of the Maine Coon from the eye and therefore try to combine our goals with the type of thing we find so beautiful.

Our inspiration and mentor is Roos de Graaf of Cattery Rose's Lovely which trusted us with a beautiful blue silver patched tabby girl. We are proud to continue her breeding policy.

All cats are tested for HCM, PKD, HD, PKDef, Patelle Luxatie, Felv and Fiv and only if they pass these tests we will breed with them.